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Thank you so much for requesting a special custom coat ❤️

This is a listing for a  custom order.
Please read all of this listing before placing an order.

Custom orders can take between 4 - 12 weeks depending on availability of materials, my current workload and commitments, and other factors.
Please state in your order if you would like your coat by a specific date and I will discuss this with you on ordering.
I will contact you to let you know when I am starting.
I accept payments in instalments using PayPal credit. This is as an agreement between you and PayPal. If you would like this option please choose this option at checkout.

Please leave a note on your order describing what you sort of coat you would like ❤️

Please include the following:

Size - Measurements of bust and waist in inches, or rough dress size stating whether it is UK, US etc.

Length - Whether you would like - Short (above knee, roughly 36") Mid length (below knee/upper calf roughly 42") Full length (ankle/foot roughly 50-53")

Colours - What colours would you like? You can choose specific colours (shades and tones vary but I will do my best to find your choices) Or you can choose a theme/mood such as "Autumnal colours" "Rainbow" "Mermaid colours" etc.

Materials/allergies - Do you have any sensitivities or allergies to any fibres or materials, such as wool or cashmere etc? 

Type of coat - Do you have a preference for weight/warmth? - eg lightweight for warmer climates, warmer for colder etc.

Extra features and details - Would you like any extra features or details such as patchwork layers in the hem, patterned materials, lace details, velvet, extra pockets etc. (Price for extras below.)

Guideline prices as follows: 

Short length - £375

Mid length - £465

Full length - £550

Patchwork layer in skirt: £50 for first layer, £30 for each subsequent layer.

Extra Pocket: £20 each

Patterned fabrics/Lace/velvet details: POA depending on what you would like.
Please place your order and I will contact you to discuss the details.

you can use www.xe.com to convert currencies.

To place your order use this listing, once your order is confirmed we can discuss any further details and settle the balance for any extras as above.

Shipping will be calculated based on your country and final weight of coat. I am able to give a rough idea in advance once I have all the details of your order.

Please note that custom orders are NON RETURNABLE and NON REFUNDABLE.
Please see further terms and conditions for more information.

Thank you so much, I look forward to co-creating a beautiful coat with you!