💖 Encantar 💖
This is a truly enchanting and magical coat! Possibly my favourite of the collection.. although I’m so in LOVE with all them it’s hard to choose. She’s a beautiful mix of deep maroons, burgundies, reds, with gold and sparkles and hundreds of tiny gold stars on rich velvet for the trims. ⭐️
Beautiful and magnificent and full of magic.
Wool Free.
(The photos on the screen show the coat looking slightly more pinkish than it is in reality, it’s deep reds on the red-purple spectrum)
Size S/M – M/L
(UK 10/12 – 18)
Length 55”
£445 plus shipping
Available Saturday 10th September 8pm BST 💖

Out of stock



💖 Maia 💖 ♉️

Maia is a star in the Taurus constellation (there you go Molly 😘)

Beautiful rich deep maroons, burgundies, purples and browns.

(UK 22-34)
Length 55”

Contains wool

375 GBP plus shipping

Available Sunday 27th November!



Available Sunday 27/11 6pm GMT