Spring Nourish and Nurture Retreat

22nd 25th April 2024

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Find Sanctuary for your Soul at our Spring Nourish and Nurture Retreat

This two day retreat experience has been put together with you in mind.

Annabelle and Molly welcome you to this beautiful venue to spend a few days in circle, listening to the whispers of your soul in a small group of like-hearted women.

When you arrive at the beautiful, private and secluded venue, you’ll feel all tension start to melt away, as we gather together for a deeply nourishing, nurturing and
soul healing experience.

Under the Scorpio full moon we will spend time in circle together, sharing and connecting to our soul whispers and each other.

Through gentle guided meditations and relaxation you will be held and supported as you allow yourself to become completely present with your inner world. 

Give yourself permission to fully land and relax 

Throughout the retreat all your needs will be taken care of so you
can fully enjoy the experience.

With Annabelle gently guiding and facilitating the sessions and ensuring you are comfortable and supported, and Molly lovingly preparing delicious plant based meals each day, which will be designed and made with love, fresh ingredients and herbs to nourish your body and fill your heart.
Additionally, there will be fresh wild green juice available, as well as special herbal tea blends, created to support and soothe you during your time here.

 We will also be joined by MicheleAnn, who will be available to give you a personal Tarot or Oracle reading during the retreat. 

Our beautiful venue for this special weekend is nestled in the heart of 

The Blackdown Hills in Somerset. 

The house and extensive grounds are completely private and secluded. With 22 acres of beautiful land and many stunning natural areas to explore and enjoy. 

There is also a heated outdoor swimming pool and hot tub for the exclusive use of
our group
during the retreat. 

Experience the precious simplicity and ancient magic of being in circle with women.

This retreat will give you the opportunity to feel truly safe and held, as you are welcomed into a sacred and intentional space.

With gentle guidance and facilitation, I will support and guide you to tune into the magic and gifts that want to emerge from your heart and soul.  

The full moon in Scorpio is a perfect opportunity to delve deep into our feelings, explore our emotions and share meaningful conversations and connections, in a safe, supportive and nurturing space. 

Together we will co-create a beautiful comfortable sanctuary, and surrender to the subtle shifts, transformation, magic and healing that occurs
when women gather in circle.

Rest, Share, Dream, Heal, Release, Rejuvenate.

This retreat is designed to give you optimum time to both rest and relax, and spend time sharing and connecting with each other. There will be a gentle flow between group sessions in circle, meals and free time for you to spend however you choose.


Arrive on Monday afternoon and gently land after your journey. Settle into your room, and relax or explore the house and grounds before we gather for dinner together.

In the evening we will open our circle, get to know each other, and enjoy a grounding meditation to help you anchor into the space. 

Day One.

Tuesday we will gather in circle after breakfast and spend the morning beginning to connect to our inner selves, using guided meditation and discussion to explore what messages our souls would like to share with us. 

After a beautiful nourishing lunch you will have some free time to spend however you wish. Whether that is exploring the grounds, having a dip in the pool or relaxing in the hot tub, or perhaps chatting together, resting or journalling – it’s your choice! 

Mid afternoon we will come back into circle for another meditation and exercise to explore and share anything we wish to release with the full moon. 

After dinner we will gather outside under the exact full moon in a ritual to witness each other release what no longer serves us. We will end the evening with a sound journey and a soothing, dream blessing herbal elixir. 

Day Two.

Wednesday morning we will join in circle and share, then spend some time writing or journalling to help process anything that is coming up. 

After lunch we will spend the afternoon together making a personal amulet or talisman. Using selected herbs, crystals and other special ingredients, you will create this magical item with intention and take it with you to support you ongoing after the retreat has ended. 

The evening will be free to spend as you wish.


Thursday morning we will close our circle and say our goodbyes before you set off on your journey home.

My hope for you over these two days, is that you are able to fully relax

and feel a deep sense of peace, joy, healing and belonging.

This retreat experience has been planned with love and intention to gently allow and encourage you to rediscover and reconnect to the whispers and messages of your inner world and soul, and spend time immersed in the precious magic that is a women’s circle.

My wish is that you not only are able to awaken and reconnect to a lost or forgotten part of yourself, but that you also find friendship, connection and true sisterhood with each other, as you share, laugh and witness one another.   

It is my hope that you will leave this weekend feeling nurtured and nourished, with a deep sense of self-connection, new friends, a full heart, and with beautiful memories and a magical creation that will carry you onwards and

reconnect you always to this special time.

Will you give yourself permission to put everything down for a few days and honour yourself with the gift of  time to be fully present with your heart and soul? 

Booking is open now for this beautiful retreat. It is my joy is to create this sacred, relaxing, creative space for you.

If you are feeling the call to sit in circle, and experience the unexplainable magic that happens when women gather together, then I welcome you to book your place now, and join us in April to embody the connection, the shared experiences, the awakening and stirring within ourselves, the laughter and celebration, the healing and support.

Booking is now open for this

magical Retreat. 



  • Included in the Retreat:
  • Three nights luxury accommodation in your own room at this beautiful venue.
  • The two full days and evening Retreat experience as described above.
  • All meals from Monday evening to Thursday Morning.
    (Food will be plant based and other dietary requirements can be catered for.)
  • Refreshments throughout the retreat, including fresh green juice, specially blended herbal mixes and tea, coffee and filtered water.
  • Exclusive use for the group of outdoor heated swimming pool and hot tub.
  • All materials and resources provided for the weekend and creation of your Amulet or Talisman to take home.
  • A one to one Tarot or Oracle reading with MicheleAnn.
  • Limited numbers – A small group to maintain the comfort and nurturing of all participants.

Meet your hosts for this special retreat


I will be one of your hosts and facilitator for this retreat, gently guiding you, holding the space and supporting you throughout the three days.

I am best known for my alternative clothing brand Avalon Elf Couture, but I have also been leading and facilitating bespoke retreats and womens circles since 2018.
I am passionate about creating beautiful, comfortable, nourishing sacred spaces to facilitate healing, transformation and connection within ourselves and to others.
I work intuitively receive guidance and information from spirit when practicing healing work.

I have a long background in caring for and supporting people. Prior to launching Avalon Elf Couture, I worked for many years supporting people with learning disabilities and mental health difficulties. I have an NVQ in Health and Social care.
I have also worked more recently with elderly clients in their homes, coordinating teams of carers and supporting the patients and their families with all aspects of care from day to day through the end of life palliative care.
I have studied many kinds of alternative and holistic healing modalities over the past 15 years, including herbalism and plant medicine, trauma resolution, crystal and energy healing, relaxation and stress relief techniques and nutrition. I have many years of experience learning about and overcoming CPTSD and other chronic health conditions. I am currently studying Astrology and this is something I use frequently in both my personal and professional life.


I will be available to give you a personal Tarot or Oracle reading during the retreat, as well as guiding some gentle movement and breathing exercises as part of the group sessions.

I am a Hay House Certified Card Reader, and my passion is to give readings with Tarot and Oracle cards.
I have almost 30 years experience in this area, and my feedback has always been about how helpful and supportive the readings are. I’ve been using and studying Tarot since 1995.
I am not a fortune teller nor do I diagnose anything medical.
My role is to listen and provide a nurturing space for you to express your feelings. Through using the cards as a storybook of your past, present and potential future opportunities we will explore how you can create the life you have always wanted and become your true self.
Connection, Compassion and Confidentiality.
Since 2019 my day-job role title has been ‘Well Being Facilitator’, working with and supporting elderly clients in a residential setting, however I have realised this is also what I do and who I actually am outside of that job too!


I’ll be one of your hosts and most importantly your cook!
I’ll be providing nourishing, delicious, plant based meals for you during the retreat.

I have had a passion for cooking my whole life. The first recipe I remember making was flapjack, it was my mother’s own recipe and I still use it to this day. I have been working as a professional chef for nearly 4 years, and I’m currently based at exclusive Nynhead care home providing meals for the elderly that reside there.
I love seeing the joy on people’s faces when they taste my food, especially when it’s a meal they might not have tried before and they end up loving it.
I love the opportunity to create artwork with my food, and it is something I take great pride in. Enjoying a meal starts with your eyes and there is evidence to suggest that if something looks good then it will enhance the taste!
I hope you all enjoy my food while we are on this retreat, and find lots of joy eating it, just as I do making it for you!

Alongside my catering work I also work as a model and part time assistant to Annabelle in her clothing business, as well as write and publish dark romance novels.

Frequently Asked Questions:

“Can I share a room with a friend?”

Yes, please contact me to discuss options.


I have limited mobility and find it difficult to climb stairs, is there any ground floor accomodation?

Yes, there are three ground floor bedrooms available on first come first reserved basis. Please choose this option when booking.  

The rest of the accommodation is spread over an upstairs floor, accessed via a staircase.

The Retreat room, dining room, and other communal areas are on the ground floor, as is the hot tub.

The swimming pool is outside a short distance from the main house, either up a few steps or a slightly longer walk around through the garden with no steps. The venue has been modernised extensively, but was originallybuilt in the 1800’s and as such there are various uneven places and 1-2 steps up and down between some areas. Please contact me if you have any concerns or would like to discuss suitability or any additional needs you may have.

I have food allergies or intolerances, can this be catered for?

Yes absolutely, please specify your requests when you book, and advise of any allergies we should be aware of. 

Both Molly and Annabelle are experienced in catering for special diets 


Can I pay in installments?

Yes! Please choose the PayPal pay later/ Pay in 3 option when booking. 

Where is the venue? 

The venue is in a rural location, around 10 miles from taunton centre and 15 minutes from J26 on the M5. 
The exact location will be provided on booking.