Testimonials and Feedback

Weekend 5th-7th May 2018 retreat at Monkton Wyld With Annabelle.

I travelled full of woe and worry.
The journey was very long and bank holiday weekend traffic added three hours onto the trip.
In retrospect I think getting there needed to be a major effort. I was carrying a lot of heavy stuff, (emotionally), with me and my head was in a very repetitive round n round can’t get out of the loop place.
I nearly didn’t get there at all. At one point staying at home and staring at a spot on the wall seemed like a reasonable response to what was going on for me and felt like all that I was capable of doing.
I was not sure what I expected from the weekend but think I was intuitively aware I needed it like a sticky plaster for the paper cut of my life. I didn’t look the place up either, not like me at all, but was attracted towards doing it when it was first proposed and almost didn’t think at all just said,
” Me Me Me.”
So everything was, a surprise, a gift, an occasion, a healing and a happening.
The place, the ethos of the community, the building, guests, staff, volunteers and the event itself.

Getting there,
After a nearly eight hour drive just getting my old bones out of the car and stretching was an effort. My first breath of air was accompanied by a feeling of wow. Trees, dusk birdsong and an indrawn lungful of peace, it felt like the air greeted and welcomed me.
Walking into that amazing building I started to step away from what I had been dragging about and leave it for the trees to handle. And they did.

The retreat,
Annabella and the other four woman I met at Monkton Wyld helped with the rest of that process.
We came together as strangers, we were vulnerable, maybe afraid. I know I was, we were brave and shared with each other, we witnessed each other, we learned we could hold each other’s emotions. This all built trust and I (I hope we all) learned to recognise or reclaim the magnificence in ourselves because we could see it in each other. We left as friends.

Annabella facilitated and created the safe space which made this work possible. It was all calmly done and unforced, she was always focused, her intent was clear and boundaries safe. I was reminded of strengths I had forgotten, abilities within myself which seemed to reawaken.

Annabella used some powerful meditations, music, dancing and sometimes just let things happen.
There were things which she had planned for the weekend which we didn’t get round to because the group were engaged with a subject and or someone had important issues which needed space and sisterhood but that was all embraced and all was good.

And did I mention the grounds? The building? the people? The food! Aw Man the food is beyond great.
All part of the healing process. Do go take part it will offer an opening door towards change in your life.

Marian, Colchester

I think Annabelle is a truly gifted facilitator.She doesn’t force you to talk if your not ready,just gently leads you into expressing yourself.
She is a beautiful soul and i loved every minute of our time with her.
The venue was amazing,good food,nice hosts.
All in all a magical experience.

Marina, Oxford

Annabelle is a truly inspirational woman. Her wisdom and grace has really helped me with my personal development. She is open and supportive. A natural leader

Lizzie, Hertfordshire

Annabelle is such a beautiful soul, its so easy to be in her company. I was struggling with my social media skills and Annabelle parted with her knowledge in an easy to understand way. She left me feeling inspired and capable. Her natural ability to nurture and empower women is beyond doubt.

Sandy, Somerset

Wyld Women’s Nurture Retreat is a gorgeous weekend.
Annabelle made everyone feel welcome, as did the staff at Monkton Wyld Court itself.
I went feeling nervous about meeting new people, but they turned out to be friends by the end of the weekend.
I was in safe hands with Annabelle’s nurturing, and felt that whatever we as a group said or did, it stayed within the group.
I felt a lot better about myself by the end.
The building is beautiful, as are the grounds. We were treated to excellent food too, and the bedrooms were comfy.
I can’t recommend this highly enough, and you will meet new friends if you go.

Jessica, Newport

I was unsure what to expect or how I would feel and it was with some trepidation that I went along
to Annabella’s women’s retreat. Was it going to be for me? There is obviously something else I
should be doing? ooh meeting new people and sharing space with them, that’s a little bit scary. Also
I think I am very good at self sabotaging and find it hard to truly do something for me too. I think I do
but then realise my mind has raced on and I am doing lots of different things and not really being
with what I am doing. But I went and i am so glad I did, the weather was gorgeous and if you know
Monkton Wyld, it is the most amazing place, and the weekend was made all the more special with
the sunshine, not to mention the food and the grounds as well as the perfect sanctuary space that
Monkton offers. A safe place, a haven for you to come together and be. The grounds are beautiful
and there to be explored to, especially the walled kitchen garden.
Well it was just what I needed, a time to breathe out – relax and find that inner space I really needed.
Annabella held the space so well and managed to walk that tricky part of facilitating and being there
as a group member too. A safe space to be and truly connect with some difficult inner issues and to
value each other as women. The first day was about going in and digging out those difficult issues
that can have such an impact on our day to day life, this was done with amazing meditations, using
the outside space and beautiful trees as well, being within nature and feeling held. We were able to
explore our anger, sadness, rage in a safe brilliant way, this was also done with sensitivity for those
who felt they couldn’t take part in certain things, no pressure, no hassle just reassurance and
understanding. The next day we were able to let go of the sadness, anger and find the space to really
look at ourselves and each other and enjoy each other’s company and support. I think we all learnt
from each other and rediscovered things we had forgotten too.
Annabella managed all of this so well with focus and care, allowing space when need and adapting
ideas to suit all. There was one area I would have liked to explore further but felt content with how
the days went. There is never enough time when coming together and I think the days ebbed and
flowed brilliantly. Many thanks for giving me the opportunity and gentle nudge to do this. x

Sophie, Dorset

A beautiful weekend, I felt very welcome and everyone was lovely.

I was quite nervous meeting new people, but connections were made and I felt relaxed straight away and I have
come away with some wonderful new friends. 
Annabelle is a wonderful facilitator and intuitively knows what each person needs and allows things to flow as they need to x

A fabulous place in every way, delicious foods and beauitiful grounds. 
It was very nurturing to come together in such a beautiful space and feel safe to allow whatever came up for us all to be held in such love x

Julie, Somerset